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Absolutely the best

I have been playing with languages since I was 12 years old at school, at university, on my own, even living in a foreign country. Spanish Over Coffee is absolutely the best language learning experience I have ever had.

I also give Keith Swayne's vocabulary building program (part of the program Very Fluent, Very Fast.) full marks! Following this method I have been learning 50 new Spanish words a day and I have been retaining the vocabulary as I acquire it. As of today I am in the 3rd month of the program and I have learned 2000 new words and I am working on the 3rd thousand.

I follow the method strictly, including doing periodic reviews. Almost as soon as I started the program I noticed the benefits: in every class there is an opportunity to use my new vocabulary. My hesitations in searching for words are decreasing and I am reading Spanish-language newspapers better than before

— Dell V, Delta BC

Enjoying getting beyond the basics

I started Spanish Over Coffee about two and a half years ago with a Spanish vocabulary that consisted of "¿Donde está el baño?" and "Dos cervezas, por favor".

As a result of meeting with Keith and the class once a week I have developed a surprisingly good vocabulary and ability to converse en español.

Spanish Over Coffee is always fun and interesting. What a great way to learn another language!

— Cindy Y., Vancouver, BC

Conversing with fluent French speakers now

I started French Over Coffee with just my high school French experience. In a short time, I'm now able to understand and converse with fluent French speakers! French Over Coffee is very casual, comfortable and filled with lots of laughs! It feels more like hanging out with friends than learning a language! I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve upon or learn a new language!

— Megan E., Delta BC

Lunchtime classes In the workplace

Keith, the Director of Five Arrows has been coming into our workplace and providing Spanish lessons for groups of our employees for almost a year. We have had nothing but positive feedback from those who are taking his classes. Keith's teaching style is easy to follow and he makes learning a new language interactive. It has been a great way for our employees to not only better their language skills but also to engage in our company culture.

— Mila Z., Human Resources, Tetra Tech Fransen, Richmond, BC

Real conversation. Real communication.

Spanish Over Coffee is a fascinating and organic way to learn a language. By engaging in simple conversations, I learn about my fellow classmates. By moving outside the realm of classroom grammar, Spanish becomes a way in which to communicate, not simply an area of study. Moreover, Keith is a great guy and lots of fun. Love the class.

— Roberta S, Vancouver, BC

See you there!

This has really been the most effective method of learning for me. I have learned conversational Spanish, met new and interesting people, and event managed to have a few laughs at the same time. I will definitely stick with the program as I move toward an even higher level of fluency. I just might see you in class!

— Stephanie T., Vancouver, BC

Chatting, laughing, sipping coffee and learning

This is my third session of Spanish Over Coffee. I have taken many of the courses available through the lower mainland and this is a course that I would greatly recommend.

After getting our coffee we sit down and chat, in Spanish as much as we can, about life and ourselves, laughing, sipping and learning. I don't feel pressured to be perfect. I find I am able to enjoy the class and not get frustrated with myself as I have in the past. This is about trying to communicate. With the encouragement of my teacher and the other students, who soon became my friends, I have found the desire to go further and to learn more.

Keith helps keep the lessons light with humour. His unending patience to find a new way to explain you out of your confusion shows his desire to teach is much greater than so many have.

When I finish this session, I will sign up again (and again)!

- Dawn C., North Vancouver, BC

Informal, effective and fun

Having taken other Spanish classes before, I find this one the most helpful. It was recommended by someone who said it really helped improve her fluency level and after putting if off for some time I decided to join. Glad I did so.

Keith is encouraging, makes learning fun and knows what works. My coffee mates (as it takes place in Starbucks) have very interesting backgrounds as we learn to find out about each other. We laugh a lot, there's no pressure and I look forward to the next class. Plus, the coffee is good (which is included in the price).

Good value - Good Learning!

— Debbie K., Vancouver, BC

Thrilled with the course

I have been a student of Spanish Over Coffee since September 2009 and I'm thrilled with the course. I have learnt so much in such a short time and feel a great sense of pride and confidence. I look forward to my class every week and stay motivated with the course content. I'm also really excited about using my new language on my future travels!

- Linda H., North Vancouver, BC

Learning French with Mom and talking with everybody!

I've been taking French Over Coffee for a few months together with my Mom. I'm having a lot of fun and practicing on all my French-speaking friends.

- Ilena C., Vancouver, BC

Now talking with native speakers

I have been taking Spanish Over Coffee now for about 3 1/2 years. When I first started, I really only knew how to say "hola" and "cerveza". Since taking the courses my Spanish has greatly improved. I'm not completely fluent yet but I can talk with native speakers where I couldn't before.

The small class size is the perfect way to learn as it allows much more participation compared to a large group. The locations also provide a great atmosphere to learn. The teachers and material really help build knowledge and confidence.

I have been to Mexico several times since starting and always look forward to speaking with the locals.

I really recommend this course!

— Graham C., Vancouver BC

"Speaking Spanish with my Grandma that first time was a magical experience."

I first wanted to learn Spanish to be able to speak and listen to my Mexican Grandma (Abuelita!).

Previously, I have learned in a more traditional classroom setting with limited class interaction and an emphasis on structure. Spanish over Coffee offers a different approach to learning that is more natural and encourages intense class participation amongst a small group.

Speaking with my Grandma that first time was a magical experience. Speaking and understanding Spanish with my Anglo classmates and teacher has been a fun and empowering experience. Spanish over Coffee has opened up the possibility of communicating with so many more people in the world.

— Colleen D., North Vancouver

Becoming bilingual with friends

When I returned to Canada after many years in California, I didn't think there was much opportunity to continue with Spanish here. Then I found the Spanish Over Coffee flyer at Starbucks, signed up for my first class, and haven't looked back since.

Three years later, I still look forward each week to meeting with my Spanish group - they've become my friends. I enjoy the easy camaraderie and the Spanish conversation. We discuss current events, tell jokes, read newspaper articles, even play Scrabble -- all in Spanish. In addition, I like the emphasis on advanced grammar.

Each week, I learn something new, and often relearn something I'd forgotten. My confidence with Spanish is growing. I sometimes listen to Spanish radio programs and like to read the local Spanish-language community papers.

The casual, yet studious atmosphere of "Spanish over Coffee" is a lot of fun, and our class is a highlight of my week.

— Renate F.

Laughing in Canada, conversing in Mexico

I am a very happy long term student of Spanish Over Coffee. I really like the low pressure, relaxed pace of my class. It's perfect for me.

I want to make steady progress but I also want it to be fun and not too demanding after a long day at work. Keith is serious about teaching but manages to keep us laughing while we struggle with our preterit conjugations.

On my last trip to Mexico I was able to get all my needs met and even converse with the non-English speaking local people I met.

— Pauline H., Vancouver

Friendly atmosphere and many opportunities speak

I've been learning Spanish for about two years now and I must say, Spanish Over Coffee is much more fun and entertaining than attending the usual evening classes. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the many opportunities to practise and speak in class.

On my last trip to Mexico, I was actually able to carry on a conversation with the taxi driver.

I look forward to every class!

— Jean H., Burnaby

Feels more like a get-together with friends

Spanish Over Coffee offers small classes and an intimate setting - gone are the desks, blackboards and florescent lights. Everyone has a chance to contribute to the conversations, which are always topical and fun, so that weekly classes feel more like a get-together with friends than an obligatory class.

I recently went on a trip to Mexico and my Spanish has improved to the point that I was able to make my way around with ease and even have interesting conversations with people living in Zihuatenejo. Travel is so much better when you can ask people about their city and everyday lives and share a little about your own life.

Don't hesitate - take this class!

— Diane P..

Speaking Spanish in Guanajuato

I'd been wanting to learn to speak Spanish for years and when I saw the leaflet in my local Starbucks, it seemed like a comfortable, relaxed, small group setting -- just the thing to learn and have fun.

Even when my work week gets busy, I look forward to spending time chatting over coffee each week.

In a recent trip to Guanajuato, Mexico -- a beautiful old city off the beaten track for many tourists -- I discovered how much I'd learned in a few years of only an hour-and-a-half a week. Buying fresh produce from street vendors and shopping in the local grocery store, my transactions were made completely in Spanish, along with some gesturing and giggles. Visiting a Spanish-speaking city and being able to converse with local people and be understood was a confidence-building experience.

- Giselle L., Vancouver, BC

A quick start and constant progress

Just over 3 years ago I was planning a trip for a month in Costa Rica. To get the most out of the adventure and off the beaten path I really wanted to learn Spanish. Had the obvious basics but beyond that I was lost. Stumbled across a brochure for Spanish over Coffee one day in Starbucks and decided to check it out.

I was surprised at how quickly I was able to pick up enough vocabulary and grammer in just over 10 classes before I set off on my adventure. For me it made the trip even that much more memorable. I was hooked and looking forward to one day being completely fluent!

The class atmosphere is very relaxed and alot of fun. Have had the opportunity to learn from some native Spanish speakers from different countries and made some great friends.

If you like to meet new people, have alot of fun and even learn some Spanish along the way, this class is for you!

- Kari H., Vancouver, BC

Can't wait!

I can't wait for Spanish Over Coffee every Saturday! It's the highlight of my week!

— Michelle W,, Vancouver, BC

Hooked on a great program

This is a great program. I feel like I'm really learning something!

I'm hooked.

— Alan W., Vancouver, BC

Never a dull moment

"I love Spanish Over Coffee. My teacher, Keith, excels at the 'teachable moment.' He comes to each class with a lesson prepared, including topics, target vocabulary and grammatical points to work on throughout the lesson. However, in the moment, he expands and builds upon whatever comes up as the conversation progresses naturally within the group. It is so much more effective to learn Spanish vocabulary, phrases and grammar that is relevant to us in the moment; the information sticks better that way! Also, Keith is a born comedian, so there is never a dull moment, and laughter comes free with tuition."

— Cara B, Surrey BC

"We have fun together...comfortable and friendly."

Halfway through the 10 week course, I’m delighted to report that everything the website promises, it delivers. The awkwardness usually associated with “classes” is practically non-existent! Our small group has fun together and is supportive. Your variety of learning tools and games effectively engage different areas of our brain that absorb information and I appreciate your holistic approach.

Comfortable, friendly setting indeed. And your experience, style and flexibility enhance the learning! Sign me up for the next one!

¡Muchas gracias!

— Ann V., Richmond, BC

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