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Interested in teaching?

The existence and availability of this form does not constitute the offer of a job or the offer of a job interview, nor does it imply that we are hiring in the immediate future.

Please note that in order to work for us you will be required to sign a non-compete and a non-disclosure agreement.

Here are some of the things we look for in prospective teachers:


  1. Proficiency in the target language
  2. A knowledge of basic grammatical terminology
  3. Lesson planning skills
  4. An ability to teach various levels of Proficiency. See our page called "Can you teach Beginners/Intermediates?"
  5. Familiarity with other dialects of the target language
  6. Sufficient English for the job
  7. People skills

  8. Ability to recognize students' level of proficiency
  9. Eye contact, engaging personality, enjoyable teaching style
  10. Respect for every student's unique personality, and respect for other cultures
  11. Availability

  12. Ability to get to classes in various parts of Greater Vancouver
  13. Availability to teach part time
  14. Administrative and legal

  15. Agreement to a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement
  16. Adherence to corporate values
  17. Ability to work legally in Canada
  18. Access to a public or personal computer for submitting time sheets

Please complete the following form

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