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Keith Swayne, the language teacher
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Excellent on-line classes to fit your schedule
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Not just grammar drills!
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Personal, one-on-one language instruction
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Connect with others at your level
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Make friends across cultures
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Enjoy your travels
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Explore the world
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Be a world citizen
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On your schedule, wherever you like
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Broaden your horizons
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A Spanish class that's as fun as a vacation!

Since 1994, with a group of assistant teachers from around the Spanish-speaking world, I have been teaching languages in local coffee shops. Since the pandemic of 2020, almost all teaching is happening online.

Hundreds and hundreds of successful students

With my team, I have enabled many hundreds of students to become bilingual, improving their vacations, employment opportunities and personal relationships.

No one has ever become fluent just by studying

I recognize that no one has ever studied their way to fluency. Memorizing rules is not an efficient way to become bilingual.

It's not simply about learning to speak. It's also a matter of speaking to learn. People normally learn languages by using them.

A practical path to proficiency

With each lesson, we help you make measurable, meaningful progress. We will never overwhelm you with material way beyond your level. And we won't treat you like a child. We will help you advance one manageable level at a time.

I focus on building spoken proficiency first. Afterwards, reading and writing follow easily. That is the natural order of language acquisition.

Students surprised by results

One of our students was asked by a co-worker, "What do you do every Wednesday?" She explained, "I get together with friends. I laugh for an hour. When I'm done, I can speak Spanish, and I don't know why."

Do yourself a favour

  • Be good to your brain
  • Enhance your memory
  • Improve your sense of safety in foreign countries
  • Connect with your heritage
  • Enrich your social life
  • Get the most out of travel
Learn more. Learn faster. Keep it for life.